Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Consumers are often confused and wary when it comes time to choose a carpet cleaner, and with good reason when you consider the following:

1. What's commonly referred to as 'steam carpet cleaning' does not actually use steam

2. What's commonly referred to as ‘dry carpet cleaning’ Isn't actually dry

3. Consumers also believe that these are the only two methods available to clean carpet. Not true RestorativeCarpet Cleaning is also available.


Carpet Cleaning: 'Steam' vs.'Dry'

Ask a carpet ‘STEAM’cleaner why his method is better, and you will likely be told that:  "STEAM Cleaning cleans deeper than DRY cleaning"

Ask a carpet ‘Dry’ cleaner why his method is better,and you will likely be told that:  "DRY Cleaning does not wet the carpet backing and underlay like STEAM cleaning which leaves your carpet soggy and smelly."

Ask your friends and you are more likely to get all sorts of responses, including horror stories and recommendations of who not to use rather than who to choose.


It's no wonder consumers often avoid cleaning their carpet, as their three most common concerns are:

No 1: I had my carpet for 3 years before I decided to have it cleaned; now it seems to get dirty quickly and need cleaning all the time.

This is often caused by cleaning solutions left behind in the carpet fibres after cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning solutions attract dirt particles hence the importance of rinsing them out.

The restorative carpet cleaning process achieves this with is in Step 4 – Rinsing

Carpet 'Steam' cleaning and 'Dry' cleaning methods do not have separate rinse cycles.

No 2: I had my carpet cleaned and it looked ok when the guy left, but after a few days it didn't look as good.

'Carpet steam cleaning detergents, and dry carpet cleaning solutions, often contain optical brighteners.

After cleaning these brighteners initially reflect light but soon fade over time.

Restorative carpet cleaning restores your carpet as close as possible to its original condition, it does not rely on brighteners, so your carpets look and feel cleaner for longer.

No 3: When I had my carpet cleaned the spots went at first, but after a few weeks they seemed to come back.


If you are unlucky enough to have a number of 'sticky' spots from drink or food spillages, they do have a tendency to return over time.
You may have had the situation where some food or drink has fallen on the carpet, you wipe it over and it looks Ok.
Over time though, dust and soil stick to this spot, slowly turning it grey to black.
When the carpet is cleaned the soil and dust is easily removed, but if the 'stickiness' stays behind it will simply collect dirt again. Restorative carpet cleaning uses the combined grease cutting qualities of a citrus based detergent along with the use of very hot water, so that both the dirt and the sticky substances are removed from the carpet, to combat this exact problem.

Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Restorative carpet cleaning uses a 7 step process with separate wash, rinse and dry cycles.
The wash cycle softens deep down dirt and their sticky residues.
The rinse cycle removes them from your carpet along with the cleaning solutions.
This means that your carpets tend to stay cleaner for longer….
This process is regarded in the industry as the most thorough way to clean your carpet.

carpet cleaning Carpets are first vacuumed thoroughly to remove as much dry dust as possible

Dry dust is more easily removed in its dry state. Wet dust turns to slurry, thus requiring more water to draw it from your carpet.

Before Dry State Restorative Carpet Cleaning After Dry State Restorative Carpet Cleaning

A Citrus based cleaning solution is the applied to the fibres according to level of soiling.

Citrus detergents are considered more ecologically friendly that other carpet cleaning detergents and have excellent grease cutting qualities.

Before Citrus Based Restorative Carpet Cleaning After Citrus Based Restorative Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is gently washed with a rotating nylon brush.

A slow speed buffing machine is used to disperse the solution throughout the fibres. Even coverage ensures deep cleaning to the base of the fibres without wetting carpet backing or underlay

Before Nylon Brush Restorative Carpet Cleaning After Nylon Brush Restorative Carpet Cleaning

The carpet is rinsed clean

The solution is allowed a dwell time of between 10 and 20 minutes to soften the dirt and grime.
The carpet is rinsed clean using a truck mounted hot water extraction unit with fresh water heated to around 100°C.
This very hot water aids the removal of sticky substances that attract dirt particles to the fibres, rather than just removing the dirt alone.

Before Rinsed Clean Restorative Carpet Cleaning After Rinsed Clean Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Stubborn Spot Removal

Some spots require extra treatment. Grease, rust, makeup etc. may require specific treatment with appropriate cleaning solutions. These solutions will be applied to the affected area and then rinsed free from the fibres.

Before Spot Removal Restorative Carpet Cleaning Extra Spot Removal Treatment in Restorative Carpet CleaningAfter Spot Removal Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Drying Process

Extra 'drying' passes are made over the carpet to remove excess moisture.

Before Drying process of Restorative Carpet CleaningAfter Drying process of Restorative Carpet Cleaning


A special nylon rake is used to brush and groom the fibres.
Grooming restores fibres to their upright position and aerates them to aid drying.

Before Restorative Carpet CleaningAfter Restorative Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Carpet Cleaning, Carpet Upholstery CleaningFabric Lounge Suites, Dining Chairs etc. can also be cleaned using the restorative process as follows:
Step 1: Upholstery is dry vacuumed.
Step 2: The cleaning solution is then applied.
Step 3: Cleaning solution is gently brushed into the fabric.
Step 4: The cleaning solution/soil is rinsed from the fabric.
Step 5: Spot cleaning may be necessary for stubborn marks.
Step 6: Extra passes made to aid drying.
Step 7: Fabric is then groomed with Horse Hair Brush.

Leather Cleaning is also available.


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